The adventures of Cat:

We’d been travelling for a couple of weeks when we found we had a stowaway, namely ‘Cat’





Cat actually belongs to my granddaughter Ella but she must have heard about our trip and decided to tag along. Clever little Cat has been taking selfies doing all sorts of things and now that we know she’s here we’ve been helping.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Cats adventures so please check for updates, but for now see what she’s been up to, and see if you can find Cat hiding in all of the pictures:




Cat on ferryCat snuck on-board the ferry, not really sure how she did it without us noticing …. Sneaky Cat.






Enjoying the view ….. and aiming the cannon! Clever Cat.    Cat cannon






Cat on slide       Playing in the park. Happy Cat







Cat wanted to learn to fly, so thought she’d eat a bird toCat bird see if that would help! Silly Cat





Cat squid Seafood anyone? Adventurous Cat






Cat learning to tell the time, Smart CatCat watch






Cat fort Exploring the fort, Bold cat






Cat must have been very hungry to eat a whole cowCat eating a cow, Satisfied Cat






Captain haddock n Cat A bit of hero worship ….. Captain Haddock! Chilled out Cat








And chilling with John Lennon, even more Chilled out CatCat with John






cat at the fort No good for surfing today, Annoyed cat






Cat recons she was on board with this surfer but I’m Cat surfingnot so sure, I’ll watch closer next time she goes surfing. Crafty Cat





Cat Hercules     Cat at the pillar of Hercules, Cultured Cat






Cat playing lion king, funny cat Cat playing lion king


Cat at the end of the world ….. Dom don’t let go it’s sooooo windy ……. Scardy Cat

Cabo Fisterra     Cabo Fisterra

That’s it for now, but don’t forget to call back soon to see what Cat has been up to.