Portugal 2018/19

Portugal 2018/19


This years trip is hopefully taking me through Portugal, travelling from North to South, then along the South coast of Spain, following the Med coast up to Barcelona before coming home: not sure how yet!

After an eventful trip I finally arrived in Spain. The journey started at home in Wales on Friday 9th Nov late afternoon, the plan was to drive down to Portsmouth and park up in the departure area ready for the morning ferry leaving at 8am. What actually happened was when I arrived in portsmouth I checked my phone and found the text telling me the ferry was delayed until 19:00: could have had another night in my comfortable bed at home!

The crossing wasn’t too rough, certainly not calm but it was quite pleasant sitting on deck watching the ‘waves’. Visibility was good so saw a few other boats, a couple of yachts and loads of birds ….. Or the same one loads of times.

Arrival in Santander was early Monday morning, still dark, so once on shore I decided to drive further along the coast than originally planned, in fact I drove most of the day getting to Ferrol, I’d been there before and knew it was a good place for getting supplies etc. The weather was nice and sunny but the night was a bit cold, needed the heating in the morning: perhaps I’m just getting old.

So the journey has begun: Read more >