Spain 2017


We’ve been exploring North Spain, take a look at the latest posts.

Foz: Spain

Having now travelled around 200km along the north coast of Spain in a reasonably small camper van, stopping at various surfing beaches, hiking through woodland areas and generally exploring the Spanish countryside, all in the company of my son Dom, has made me appreciate the important things in life. Read More about Foz

Ferrol: Spain

Well we’ve had some brilliant weather, it is Spain after all, and our journey has brought us to Ferrol, a city on the North-West tip of Spain. It’s a great place, full of life, open squares to sit and relax and of course more than one bar to spend the siesta in! Read More about Ferrol

Praia de San Xurxo

Just a short drive from Ferrol we came across this fantastic beach, Praia de San Xurxo Those of you who know me will be aware of my liking for beaches, and it has always been said that if we had the weather in Wales we’d have no need to go on holiday because we have some of the best beaches: well this place is just like being back home, just on the sunniest day of the year! Read More about Praia de San Xurxo

Cabo Prior

Looking towards the headland at the Northern end of the beach there appeared to be a path or road going around, and a quick look on the map showed there was a lighthouse; well that seemed like a good point to aim for. Read More about Cabo Prior

A Coruna

We were parked up around 6k from A Coruna in a nice little fishing harbour, and having driven through the city on our way here thought it would be a good idea to walk in, luckily there was a path. The city sits on a headland and has 2 ‘shores’; believe it or not a West and North shore! and at the tip of the headland the ‘Pillar of Hercules’, a large lighthouse open to the public. Read More about A Coruna


After our time in the city of A Coruna we needed some quiet time so headed off for Caion. It’s a great aire, set amongst the pine trees and literally on the beach. I found a nice spot on one of the rocks and was so chilled I ended up sitting there for hours watching the tide coming in. what a way to recharge your batteries! Read More about Caion

Cabo Fisterra

Cabo Fisterra, or Finisterrae if you’ve ever listened to the shipping forecast, is the one of most Westerly points in Spain, and was once considered as the end of the world by the Romans, today it’s the final point for many pilgrims walking the way of St. James. We didn’t stay long as the wind and rain were really closing in, but you can appreciate why the Romans thought it was the end of the world, especially on a day like we had. Read More about Cabo Fisterra

Santiago De Compostela

Santiago De Compostela is the main destination for pilgrims walking the way of St. James (Camino De Santiago). There are 2 main routes, one starting in Lisbon, Portugal and the other in the french town of St. Jean Pied De Port (620k and 800k) but to qualify for a certificate modern-day pilgrims only need to walk the last couple of hundred k. Read More about Santiago De Compostela


Our journey South, towards Portugal, has brought us to the town of Arcade. It’s not a huge place, but it’s very picturesque and very Spanish. The aire is right on the waterfront, next to a little park with children’s play areas, skate park and small football pitch. Read More about Arcade

Road Trip Sound Track

Well we’re a month in and have done well over 1,000 miles, but still loads to go. A part of being on a road trip like this is the lack of distractions like tv. We’ve watched all of Game Of Thrones, only because I hadn’t seen any of it and was feeling a bit left out, a few movies but not much else. Read More about our Road Trip Sound Track

Monte De Facho

With no particular destination in mind we went exploring the coast road around the peninsula between the estuary’s of Ria De Pontevedra and Ria De Vigo. Dom was in charge of navigation and decided we’d visit a lighthouse, well t was something to do. Read More about Monte De Facho


Until I saw it on the map I never realised there was a place called Tui, I just thought it was a travel firm! It turns out to be a very old and important city at one of the crossing points into Portugal. The main city is the usual collection of modern and old buildings, a couple of squares and was full of life. The old town lies around the cathedral, which itself sits on a hill. Read More about Tui

Vila Nova De Cerveira

A quick drive from Tui and we were over the border exploring Portugal and ended up in Vila Nova De Cerveira. It’s a really pretty little town right on the river Minho, which creates part of the border with Spain. Read More about Vila Nova De Cerveira

The road from Portugal to Madrid

Following our adventures in Portugal, our next destination was to be Madrid, Dom had been invited to visit some friends in Benidorm and Madrid was the best place to catch a bus, so Madrid here we come! Read more about  The road from Portugal to Madrid


Because Dom wanted to catch an early coach to Benidorm we set off for Madrid from Segovia around 8am, apparently Dom didn’t realise there was an 8 in the morning as well! Not the fastest train but we were soon there, we just needed to find the coach station now! Read more about Madrid

Arriving in Santander