About Us

Still in its early stages of development, Sandals N Socks will build into a traditionally styled travel blog with the benefit of being light hearted.

A quick internet search will return 1,000’s of travel blogs covering almost every conceivable travel destination, exciting things to do when you arrive and how to make money while you’re travelling. Most of these blogs have one thing in common, namely that they are written by fairly young (below 35yo) travellers doing exciting things, obviously that’s what people want to read.

But what about us slightly older travellers?

Willis (that’s me) is a 50+yo traveller, who, while exploring and visiting interesting places, will also be searching out funny and unusual bits of daily life.

While looking for funny moments Willis will be telling you about the places he’s visiting and the things he’s doing. So follow the adventure on ‘Sandals N Socks’ and we’ll discover the world and these faux pas together through the eyes of a ‘mature’ traveller.

About Sandals

Sandal, AKA desert wellies, are the preferred choice when you’re in need of air around your feet, so why suffocate those feet with socks! it’s just wrong.

About socks

We all know socks are great to wear, comfortable, warm and they can even be trendy, but why do some people insist on wearing them with sandals?

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