Supplies secured, the necessary emptied and rubbish thrown, I was off (not till about 9:30) intending to get a bit closer to Portugal, my main itinerary for this part of the trip.

Leaving Ferrol was absolutely spectacular, there was a bank of low cloud following the river (very wide and long if you’ve not been) and as the road was slightly higher it gave a view like being in an aeroplane. The high-rise buildings and tall dock cranes were silhouetted against the cloud making it look almost dream-like, as if they were floating on a sea of cloud. The cloud stayed for the next hour or so with valley after valley seeming to have a cotton wool filling.

I actually got a bit carried away driving I was enjoying it that much and ended up so close to TUI (on the Portuguese border) I though I may as well fill up with diesel there, hoping it was as cheap as I remember, well it was, 1.23 most places had been 1.39!

Esposende   sunrise

The pic on the right is the sunrise, obviously!

Having got this far I though I may as well press on into Portugal, especially as the aire I was looking at was only an hour away. Well that aire was a bit pants so on to the next, another 25 minutes, well that was in a supermarket with no views and possibly a bit noisy so another 15 minutes and I was in Esposende in a nice car park right on the beach. My extra effort in getting here was rewarded with a great sunset.

It is now the morning of Nov 14th, the sun’s up, not a cloud in the sky and a slight breeze gently shaking the trees: a good day for an explore I think 🙂 

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