The Scone rating

During the late summer of 2018 we started sampling the delights of the National Trust. Their properties normally have good parking: easy access for the van, and their cafes serve reasonable coffee, oh and scones with jam and cream!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, just some comments on each one as we visit. I’m not going to tell you that the property is interesting or has a history that will amaze, that goes without saying, isn’t that the reason we visit in the first place? I’m just going to comment in general on the location but more importantly on the scones!!!

The rating scale is marked out of 5, and is only based on how we found the scone on the day we visited, please don’t take this as an indication of how good (or not) a visit we had, it’s just a bit of fun! The coffee is normally acceptable, occasionally a bit stronger, but there always seems to be cold milk and tap water available for you to adjust to your own liking. To get the national trust cook book with a scone recipe visit their shop

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